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How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Quit wasting time with paper sign up forms. Don’t make work for yourself by asking people to fill out a paper form only to have to input the data into the computer again. Have you ever had a hard time reading the hand writing that people used to fill out the form? Have you ever miss typed one letter in an email address only to have the email bounce because it is undeliverable?

Email Sign Up provides a customizable email sign up form for your Android device. All information collected is stored in a format that is easy for other software to use as a CSV file on the SD card of your device.

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Key Benefits

Icon - Check MarkCollect The Information You Need

Of course, you can collect names and email addresses with Email Sign Up. For situations when that is not enough, Email Sign Up gives you the option to request phone numbers and two additional fully customizable fields. If recording what company a subscriber works for is important, you can add that to the form. Do you want to know what city a subscriber is from? Just change the label of the text field.

Icon - Check MarkOffer Prizes To New Subscribers

Email Sign Up makes it easy to randomly select a subscriber. You can review a list of names and emails from within the app. Touch one button to pick a random name. Now you can offer prizes to new subscribers. Read more here.

Icon - Check MarkMaintain Brand Consistency

Choose your own custom background image for the email collection screen. This enables you to use your own logo or to choose an eye catching photograph.

Icon - Check MarkSave Even More Time With MailChimp Integration

If you use MailChimp you can even skip transferring your data from your device and upload the list of new subscribers to your MailChimp from within the app.

What Others Are Saying

Alex from Evo Protyping had this to say.

I used to pass around a pad and pen and then it would take me about a day trying to read everyone’s hand writing, not easy. When I do figure it out, many times emails bounced back because a letter was misread. The app makes things error free.

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